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Here are explanations for flowerbed 9 and 15 

The designs of flowerbed 9 and 15 can be downloaded HERE

Both borders are embroidered in chain stitch with 2 threads.

The flowers are embroidered in ribbed spider web stitch with 2 threads.


I added French knots in perle cotton n ° 8 and 2 wraps to vivify the flowerbed. To get big knots, I used a chenille needle n ° 22.



The ground is entirely covered in French knots with 2 threads and 2 wraps.



The borders are embroidered with DMC floss Color Variations 4130. 

The flowers are embroidered with DMC floss cotton 3731, 326 and 3740.

The ground is embroidered with DMC floss Color Variations 4065.


And now there are only the outside borders to embroider!