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An egg full of color


The finished egg measures 10 cm

The pattern of this embroidery can be downloaded HERE.

You can buy printed the linen with the House of Embroidery thread pack but without the DMC threads HERE.






To embroider this egg I used the colors

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton 67 Apple, 57 Iris, 43 Flame, 47 Daffodil, 19 Aster and 68 Strelizia

  • DMC stranded cotton 3688, 3687 and 3835




The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the leaves with fishbone stitch 1 thread.


These leaves are made with a very spaced Cretan stitch and then edged with back stitch, all with 2 threads.

These flowers are embroidered with French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps.

The petals of these flowers are made with blanket stitch and straight stitch, all with 1 thread.

For the hearts, first, embroider the central part with satin stitch1 thread and then decorate with a crown of French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps.


The body of the bird is made with stem stitch and the legs with straight stitch, all with 2 threads.

The wing is embroidered with satin stitch 1 thread and with spaced blanked stitch 2 threads.

The feathers of the tail are embroidered with satin stitch and 1 thread.

The eye is also embroidered with satin stitch 1 thread and the beak is made of 2 small straight stitches and 2 threads.

Finish the bird by filling the body with seeding stitch 1 thread and finally embroider the outline of the egg with Portuguese stem stitch and 3 threads.