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We created this section to demonstrate our respect for the private life and for the confidential information that our customers are willing to submit to us.

Your Internet identification is made first and foremost by your IP address.

We use this address to diagnose possible problems associated to our server as well as to administer our Web site. Your IP address also serves us for gathering certain statistical informations (for example geographic distribution).

We ask you to identify yourself on our site before being able to order articles presented in our eShop. This identification offers better guarantees of security, simplifies our administration and offers us the future possibility of adapting individually our offer.

This identification process requires from you to give us your address as well as the usual information of contact (email, phone number).

We use this information only for the services covered by the site, namely Internet sale and optional enrolment into our NewsLetter. On no account we shall reveal this information to external services like e.g. creators of list of emails.


Our site includes specific means to warrant the protection of our data including loss, change or abusive use of the information under our control. We don't store any sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers.

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