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Russian doll Natacha

Assembling the needlecase



With this assembling, we end the series of articles dedicated to Russian dolls. I hope you took pleasure in being able to decline them in different ways to make these few charming little objects.




To make this assembly, I used:

  • a piece of thick Vlieseline (I use S520 quality) or any other material that can stiffen your needlecase

  • thick felt

  • thin fleece

  • Guetermann HT2 textile glue

  • ribbon for closing the needlecase

Using tracing paper, draw a new template perfectly suited to the contour of the embroidery for each side. Using these templates, cut the 2 parts of the doll in the thick Vlieseline. Do not hesitate to retouch these patterns by placing them on the embroidery before using them. Differentiate the 2 faces by marking them.

Also, cut the 2 sides of the doll in the fleece.

Now cut out the embroidery, leaving about 1 cm of fabric all around.

First place the fleece, then the Vliesline on the wrong side of both embroidered sides. Pay particular attention to the placement of the various layers which must be perfectly superimposed. For that, I make it easier for myself by very sparingly using repositionable glue, but it’s optional.

Generously notch the edges of the fabric and fold them up, then glue them using HT2 glue, following the contours of the embroidery as well as possible.

Here is the result.

Using the initial template, cut 2 figurines in the felt and check them by placing them on the 2 embroidered sides.

Now prepare a second tracing paper template. It must be smaller than the previous one. Cut out 2 pieces of felt of this size.

Secure the 2 pieces of ribbon that will be used to close the needle holder. Position the small pieces of felt on the 2 sides of the doll without gluing them.

Finish the 2 sides by fixing the 2 large pieces of felt with HT2 glue but only on the edges of the pieces. The central parts will be used to install the needles. They must absolutely remain free of all traces of glue. Otherwise, it will be impossible to prick the needles!

To bring together the 2 parts of the needlecase, I used a stitch that I had never practiced and therefore I do not know its name. I embroidered it with a whole strand of stranded cotton (6 threads) and over a length of 5 cm. I offer you a photo here. I will try to find explanations to provide you as soon as I find the time. I will then add it to the list of proposed stitches in the “Stitches” menu and let you know.