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Embroidered Pashmina

Pattern 2 (first part)

This is the second in a series of designs that will form part of the embroidered pashmina project we’re planning.

I’ll be proposing several of them in different shapes and colors over the next few weeks before deciding which ones will be chosen for embroidering the pashmina. It goes without saying that each of these designs can be used individually according to one’s whim.

All available drawings are grouped together in a downloadable file HERE.

This unique flower is easy to make and will be the subject of two articles

To embroider this first part of the design (the flower), I used 3 different stitches, split backstitch for the outline, stem stitch and long and short stitch, all with 1 thread;

I started with the idea that I would embroider this design on a dark turquoise pashmina, so I chose the following colors:

for the flower DMC 963, 3708, 3705, and 666 and for the leaf 3761, 3845, 3844 and 3808.

Below you’ll find close-up photos to help you work on this motif with ease.