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Needle painted Rose

part 4


Right lateral petal

This petal is embroidered with the colors n° B5200, 3609, 3804, 3806, 153, 3685, 369, 164, 562 and 924.





Start by placing the colors 3806 and 3609 as in the photo.

Finish by filling the surface of the petal with color 153.

Add depth to the work by adding color 3804 and underline the petal edge with color 3865.

Embroider this small leaf sheet with the colors 164, 369, and B5200.

Finish the leaf by adding shadows and highlighting it with color 924.

To make this leaf, start embroidering with color 164.

Fill with color 369.

Embroider a few stitches with white B5200 to lighten the leaf. Add a touch of pink 3609 as on the photo and finish by emphasizing the tip of the pattern with color 924. Embroider the top of the stem with colors 164 and 562.

Add the shadow of the leaves on the top of the stem with the color 924. The rose is now complete.