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Needle painted Protea

Last leaves and stem




To embroider the stem, I added the color 452.

The small petal on the right is embroidered with the color 962 and the small leaf on the right with the color 369.

I embroidered some stitches with the color 819 at the tip of the leaf and others with the color 368 at the bottom.

The edges of the two patterns are made with the color 3685.

Start embroidering with white cotton.

Fill the remaining surface with color 927.

Add a few stitches with the color 3768 and border this leaf as the previous patterns.

Also start embroidering this leaf with the white thread.

Then finish with color 927.

Embroider the shadow with the color 3768 and add a few stitches with the color 500 at the root of the leaf.

Without making any split back stitches, embroider the left side of the stalk with the color 452 (new) and with the white color on the right side.

Add some stitches with color 3768.

Finish with colors 500 and 3803.