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My beloved needlecase




Here is the material you will need to finish your needlecase

  • A piece of fabric to make the inside of the needlecase (approx 20×30 cm)

  • A piece of thick paper or card for the template

  • A piece of thick fusible Vlieseline  (I use the S520 quality) or any other material that can stiffen your needlecase

  • A piece of thin fleece

  • A piece of thick fleece

  • A repositionable glue spray

  • Pins

  • Thread and a sewing needle

Here’s what to prepare first.

Print the drawing of the needlecase (to be downloaded in the first post) on thick paper or even on a card and cut it out. This will be your template throughout the assembly.

Cut 2 pieces of Vliesline the size of the template.



Cut out 2 pieces of thin fleece the size of the template.

Cut out 2 pieces of thick fleece the size of the template.

Cut out both embroideries leaving an edge of one cm for the finish.


Place the fine fleece on the reverse side of the embroidery with a spray of repositionable glue.

Place the Vlieseline on the thin fleece, sticky side down and iron to hold the 3 layers together.

Using the iron, fold the edge 1 cm inwards, along the Palestrina stitch and as precisely as possible.

Thoroughly mark the fold.

Place the template on the back of the lining fabric.

Using the iron, also fold the fabric along the edges of the template. Mark the folds and remove the card.

Iron again this time on the right side of the fabric, keeping the edges folded backwards to get an octagon as flat as possible.

Lay the linings on the embroidered parts by holding them with a spray of repositionable glue and attach to each corner with a pin.

Insert a pompon or ribbons to close the needlecase and sew the lining with small hidden stitches.

The two parts are finished and ready to be assembled.

Assemble the 2 parts of the needlecase with a single overcast stitch with the same thread used for the Palestrina stitch.


Your needlecase is now complete