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Mounting the purse

Here are pictures and explanations for transforming your garlands in a pretty purse, handy for storing all your small embroidery equipment.

For this work, you will need the following material

  • A piece of nice fabric 32 X 30 cm for the lining

  • A piece of fusible interfacing 32 x 30 cm 

  • A piece of fusible fleece 32 x 30 cm

  • A glue in straight frame of 20 cm ( 8 inches), I usually buy mine by Bag Clasps Ltd in the UK

  • Textile glue, I use HT2 from Guetermann

  • Some small sewing equipment and possibly carossier’s tape

 If you have no sewing machine available, you can make the seams by hand, it’s not a very long process.

You will find the pattern needed to achieve this mounting to download HERE. Do not change the measurements, they are corresponding to this item.


Iron carefully the wet embroidery upside down on a sponge towel, if possible avoid to flatten the ribbons.

Always on the wrong side, first apply the interlining and then the fleece (covered by a towel and not in direct contact with the iron!). Make sure that the two layers are glued and adhere well to the embroidery. This will take a few minutes. Be patient.



Using pins, mark the mediums of the embroidery in the direction of the height and the width.

Fold the embroidery in the direction of height, right side against right side by using the marks formed by the pins.

Pin the template on the folded fabric. The bottom of the template is at the location of the fold of the fabric as indicated.

Cut the embroidery around the pattern. Seams are included.

Sew the bottom of the purse at about 7 mm of the fold and split the fold in order to iron the seam.

Do the same for the sides (the seam lines are shown on the pattern). Also open the seams and iron carefully.

Now you have to sew the corners which will form the bottom of the purse.

For this, fold and pin the purse as pictured by ensuring that the side seam coincides with the bottom seam of the purse for the best possible balance.

Now, sew the corners also to about 7 mm, ensuring that the seams are made open in the corner seam.

Return the purse.

Do exactly the same job as before to prepare the purse lining.

Now that the 2 purses are finished, return the one in lining to have the right side inside, as shown on the picture.

Slide the embroidered pouch inside the lining. Both right sides faces each other within the kit. Slot  them carefully. Be sure to overlap the bottom and the side seams.

Pin and mark 2 cm along the lateral openings. These are the parts that are going to fit into the buckle on the sides.

Sew at 3 mm from the edge with well open seams.

This is perhaps the most delicate work of this mounting, and if you do not feel skilled enough with the sewing machine, do not hesitate to make these few points by hand.

Now return the purse to have again the embroidered face outside.

Sew at 3 mm from the edge all around the top of the pouch. This is the part that will be glued and inserted into the clasp .

Iron the kit well before gluing the frame.

Now you will proceed to assemble the clasp and for this you need

  • The completed purse

  • The frame

  • The HT2 Guetermann’s textile glue

Before you start gluing, mark the middle of the clasp using a small piece of tape.

You must protect the top of the bag with tape to avoid glue stains and also mark the middle of the top of the purse.

To glue the clasp you must work one side at a time

Open the clasp and put a strand of glue within the channel of the upper clasp and sides.

Also put a strand of glue on the upper edge and sides of the purse (always just on one side).

Wait about 5 minutes for the glue to solidify a bit before assemble the purse and the clasp.

Gently insert the purse in the clasp from the top and make sure that the middle of the purse fits in the middle of the clasp. Finish with the sides.

When you are satisfied with the result, using a small screwdriver or rod, push the lining inside the clasp to avoid wrinkles.

Clean the glue spots on the clasp with white spirit.

Now your embroidered purse is complete, I hope you are happy with it!