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Morning Glories, part 4

I added the following 2 colors, DMC 3078 and 225 to the palette proposed in the introductory post. The stitches used are the long and short stitch with 1 thread and the stem stitch with 2 threads.

I remind you that to get a nice result, it is necessary to surround each piece of the design with a split backstitch 1 thread.

Embroider the bottom of the flower in the same way as before. I used the colors 3078, 369, 160 for the chalice and the colors 320 and 500 for the sepals.

The buds are embroidered with the colors 159, 160 and 161 doing the same job as for the previous buds.

After executing your split backstitch 1 thread, first, place the 3840 color based on the photo.

Then, mark the ribs of the petals with the color 797. We must also embroider the edge of the right petal with this color to emphasize that part of the flower that is in the shade.

Then, continue embroidering in the direction of the center with the color 3838 and respecting the direction of the points to mark the roundness of the petals.

Extend your work with the color 3839, taking care to respect the direction of the previous stitches.

Embroider long straight stitches for the center with the color B5200. I mixed some stitches with the color 3840 to break the monotony of white.

Embroider the front petal with satin stitch and the color 3840  and add a few stitches with the color 3839 on the inside edge.

Also, embroider with satin stitch and the color 3840 the tiny flip of the petal on the far right.