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2006 Blue garden

2007 Climbing Roses

2008 The Village

2009 Butterflies and Rasperrie

2010 Topiary

2011 Art Nouveau

2012 Enneade

2013 Nostalgia

2014 Floralies

2015 Blue Peacock

2016 Strawberries and Volubilis

2017 The Bees Parade

2018 An embroider’s pouch

How Time Flies!

Already for some time, the idea kept running through my head.
To open a blog and propose designs explained step by step, publicize various embroidery techniques and ideas to share with you and answer your questions.
Thinking about the last 10 years, I see the evolution of our environment towards a globalized society and a more connected one.
So we, the embroiderers , let’s embrace it !
I would like to share the experience gained days after days with my friends, students and customers. Together we have achieved a lot of unpublished designs, often by using new techniques for all of us deriving from that process an immense pleasure .
I thought it was about time for you to enjoy it too. I sincerely hope you ‘ll be many to participate and help me to live this project.
Please join us now!

Laurence Lieblich, CanevasFolies

Latest Posts

Cupcake part 2

Cupcake  The paper mold   Here are the explanations necessary to make the paper mold The detailed list of threads used for this project can be found in the previous article.   Mark the edges of the mold with split backstitch and color 400 on the right, color...

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Cupcake    Here are the explanations necessary to embroider this Cupcake. The Cupcake design can be downloaded HERE. Below is the detailed list of DMC threads used for this project.  Paper mold DMC stranded cotton 414, 168, 762, 5200, 712, 3774, 3856, 3827,...

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Battlement couching

Battlement couching  The battlement couching is a very interesting filling because it offers multiple possibilities of color combinations. The battlement couching is made up of a series of superimposed layers of grids formed by crossed threads. The technique is...

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Fireworks   The design shown in this picture is made on a 40/40 cm square anthracite linen cushion cover and is fully embroidered with "Soie d'Alger" and metallic thread from au Ver à Soie in Paris. You will find the drawing to download in the "Patterns menu"...

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A very tiny Christmas Tree

A very tiny Christmas Tree  To end the year well, here is a charming little project that only requires a few hours of work.      To make this embroidery, I used: DMC stranded cotton in the colors 904, 734, 3685, 817 and 666 House of Embroidery stranded...

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Russian doll Natacha, assembling the needlecase

Russian doll Natacha Assembling the needlecase    With this assembling, we end the series of articles dedicated to Russian dolls. I hope you took pleasure in being able to decline them in different ways to make these few charming little objects.      To make...

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