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Having completed the “Blue Garden”, I now propose to tackle together the “Garlands”.

This is a very nice design to embroider and it will let you practice the stitches used in the Blue Garden.

Of course in following the tutorials you will have the opportunity to learn some new stitches and discover ribbon embroidery.

I had the chance to see this design interpreted in many color combinations following the imagination of each person  and I saw it finished mounted in cushion, in make up bag, in book cover and even in tray bottom. Believe me, it is always so beautiful.


I suggest we work as we did for the Blue Garden.

I will post every week detailed instructions of a pattern with pictures, stitches details and the list of threads used.

I welcome any questions you can ask me about the work in progress.

You can get the printed template on sand colored linen (original) or on vanilla colored linen here.

During this project, the design is on sale for 39.- CHF instead of 48.- CHF

To make this project even more accessible, provided you care to do some preparatory work yourself, I’m giving away the design here.

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Mounting the purse

Mounting the purse Here are pictures and explanations for transforming your garlands in a pretty purse, handy for storing all your small embroidery equipment. For this work, you will need the following material A piece of nice fabric 32 X 30 cm for the lining A piece...


And here is the last garland, the lovely one with the roses The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads. The leaves are embroidered with ribbon stitch with a 4mm silk ribbon The center of a rose is made of 2 bullion stitches with 2 threads and 2 wraps,...


The tenth garland represents peonies Flowers corollas are embroidered with blanket stitch 1 thread. We must begin by embroider 5 straight stitches 2 threads star shaped that serve as a base forthe woven rose representing the core of the flower. here are the completed...

9. Pansies

Now we will embroider the pansies garland The flowers are composed  of 3 lazy daisy stitches embroidered with 2 threads and starting from a same central point. Embroider a straight stitch with 3 threads in each loop by inverting the colors. The flowers are embroidered...

8. Anemones

I now propose that we  embroider the anemones The leaves are embroidered with fly stitch 2 threads.  The flowers are embroidered with blanket stitch circularly with 1 thread. Add 5 straight stitches 1 thread placed star shaped to mark the center of the flower.  The...

7. Lawn Daisies

Here are the instructions for the daisies The flowers are embroidered in lazy daisy stitch with 1 thread. Embroider first 4 petals on the lines and add 4 more petals to complete the flower. Embroider a  French knot 2 threads 1 wrap for the center (yellow) and cover...


Here are the instructions for the cotoneasters The stems are embroidered in stem stitch and the leaves are embroidered in lazy daisy stitch, all with 2 threads. The berries are embroidered in Colonial knots with perle cotton n° 8. The leaves and stems are embroidered...

5. Morning Glories

The Morning Glories consist of 2 elements The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 2 threads. The leaves are embroidered in blanket stitch with 2 threads. The rootlets are embroidered in back stitch with 2 threads. The flowers are embroidered in blanket stitch...

4. St. John’s wort

St. John's wort consists of 2 elements The leaves are embroidered with fishbone stitch 1 thread. The petals are embroidered with blanket stitch 1 thread. Embroider 5 petals in the same manner. Add straight stitches 1 thread in each petal radiating around the center to...

3. Ivy

Ivy is composed of 2 elements Ivy is a very simple pattern that consists of a stem embroidered in stem stitch 2 threads and leaves embroidered in straight stitch with one thread. Stems and leaves are embroidered with House of Embroidery varigated stranded cotton...

2. Clematis

The clematis are composed of 2 elements The leaves are embroidered with double lazy daisy stitch 2 threads The petals are embroidered with elongated lazy daisy stitch 2 threads. The flowers are composed of 8 petals. To complete the flower, insert straight stitches 1...

1. Passionflower

The passion flowers are composed of 2 elements The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads The leaves are embroidered with lazy daisy stitch 2 threads The rootlets are embroidered with back stitch 1 thread The petal is embroidered with 2 threads and is a...