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Flowered balcony 

First bouquet

and here is the new version …

more cheerful, more dynamic and more colorful!

You will find below the explanations and the photos necessary for the realization of the first bouquet, the one on the left.

to embroider this bouquet, I used the following colors

DMC stranded cotton B5200, 311, 517, 327, 153 and 3847

House of Embroidery stranded cotton 36B the Sea, 60B Snaps and 88B Reflections

House of Embroidery Perle cotton n°8 15A Pansy

After having edged the pot with split backstitch 1 thread, fill the upper part with long and short stitch using the 2 shades of blue.

Then fill the foot of the pot with long and short stitch and blue 517. Add straight stitches 2 threads in trellis-style with color 311 as decoration.

Embroider the base with satin stitch 1 thread on 2-thread padding and color 517.

Embroider these flowers in 1 thread blanket stitch and color 60B.

Add straight stitches 1 thread in a star shape in the center of the flowers with color 327. Embroider the leaves in 1 strand blanket stitch and color 36B.

Embroider the flowers on the left in blanket stitch 1 thread with color B5200 and add a French knot 2 threads 2 wraps with color 153 for the hearts.

The leaves are embroidered with lazy daisy stitch 2 threads and the color 3847.

Embroider the branches at the top of the bouquet with fly stitch 2 threads and color 88B.

Fill the empty central part of the bouquet with French knots  2 wraps and Perle thread n° 8 color 15A.