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Floral Mandala  

Here is the first part of this Mandala.

Its diameter is 20cm and I embroidered it on sand colored linen.

The pattern of this mandala can be downloaded HERE and hereafter is the list of colors

Red palette

House of Embroidery stranded cotton 92 Herbs, 56 Holly, 13 Autumn, 75 Papaver, and 11 Sunlight.

DMC stranded cotton 934, 3013, 524, 3801, 351, 352, 721 and 743.

In the first proposal, I included the 60 Snaps color of House of Embroidery but when working I replaced it with the 13 Autumn color.

Blue Palette

House of Embroidery stranded cotton 92 Herbs, 56 Holly, 1 True blue, 2 Morning Glory.

DMC stranded cotton 934, 3023, 524,  3750, 517, 334, 3755 et 775.


Embroider a fairly spaced fly stitch with 2 threads and 92 Herbs color.

Add straight stitches with 2 threads and color 3013 between the branches of the fly stitch.

For the outer part of the leaf, embroider large straight stitches with 2 threads on the lines of the design and the color 56 Holly. Then insert smaller straight stitches with the color 934 and 1 thread.

The central circle is embroidered with a ribbed spider web 2 threads and color 934. The small elongated parts are realized with satin stitch 1 thread and the color 11 Sunlight.

Here is the central rosette finished.

First, embroider the tips of the petals with blanket stitch 1 thread and the color 75 Papaver.

Extend the gradient to the base of the flower by adding color 352 with satin stitch 1 thread.

Then add the color 351 making sure to apply it unevenly to blend the colors.

Finish by adding a few stitches with the color 3801 in the low parts at the bottom of the corolla.

For the chalice, start by embroidering large lazy daisy stitches with 2 threads and color 524.

Finish filling this part by embroidering large irregular straight stitches with color 934 and 2 threads. Then add some straight stitches 2 threads with color 13 Autumn at the bottom of the corolla to give depth to the flower.

Floral Mandala part 3

Floral Mandala part 3

Floral Mandala  part 3 Here is the third part of this embroidery. In this post, you will find the explanations to embroider the 8 outside floral medallions and the Palestrina stitch border. As a reminder, the kit of this mandala can be bought HERE. It contains the...

Floral Mandala, part 2

Floral Mandala part 2 Here is the second part of this design. It contains a woven stitch, Portuguese stem stitch, satin stitch and Palestrina stitch. The kit of this mandala can be bought HERE. It contains the pattern printed on a piece of linen of 38/38 cm in a color...