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Drawn thread embroidery on a guest towel

(part 2)

Here are the pictures and explanations needed to help you realise a small guest towel with drawn thread embroidery.

To make this work you need a towel with an Aida strip (generally intended for counted cross stitch) and Perle cotton n ° 8 (at least 30m). I also advise you to work with a tapestry needle with round tip, for example, n ° 24. This will avoid you to hang the tip in the neighbouring threads and your work will be thus perfectly clean.

This project presents no difficulty and is well adapted to the learning of drawn thread embroidery.

I chose to make 2 strips of different drawn thread designs on the Aida part of 7 cm of this towel.

The first part of this small project will be devoted to the placement of the patterns and then to the removal of the horizontal threads.

In this second part, I will show you how to securely complete the edges of the strips of drawn threads, and then we shall attach these threads in bundles using a four-sided stitch.

To finish, in the 3rd part of this project, we will embroider 2 strips of drawn thread with different patterns.

Pass all the cut threads at the ends of the strips on the reverse side of the work.

Keep them all carefully tucked back on the wrong side of the towel using a back stitch.

Here is what we get on the right side of the towel.

Make a tight satin stitch over 2 squares. Make sure that the threads held at the back of the work are all caught in the stitch.

Cut the threads that protrude from the stitch on the back of the work.

To form the bundles of threads we need to realise our 2 strips of drawn thread embroidery, make a four sided stitch of 2 squares / 2 squares all along the strips

Here you see the 2 strips ready to be embroidered.