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Here are the explanations necessary to embroider this Cupcake.

The Cupcake design can be downloaded HERE.

Below is the detailed list of DMC threads used for this project.


Paper mold

DMC stranded cotton 414, 168, 762, 5200, 712, 3774, 3856, 3827, 3776, 355, 400, 356, 225


DMC stranded cotton 355, 356, 3859, 758, 754, 948


Whipped cream

DMC stranded cotton B5200, 3685, 961, 962, 963



DMC stranded cotton 814, 816, 817, 349, 350, 352, 353, 3345, 581, 734



To realize this project, I propose to separate it into 4 different articles

the paper mold

the cake

the whipped cream

the strawberry

First of all, here are the photos and the explanations necessary to embroider the cake. Indeed it is important to start with this part because it is located between the mold and the whipped cream.

Embroider the main part of the cake with color 948.



Embroider the shadow of the whipped cream in the upper part of the cake with the color 754 and the shadow of the mold in the lower part with the color 758. Also, add a few stitches with these 2 colors to start marking the side shadow.



Continue the shadow work with colors 3859 and 356.



Finish with color 355.



Cupcake part 4

Cupcake  the strawberryFor the realization of this strawberry, I used the following colors  DMC stranded cotton  353, 352, 350, 349, 817, 816, 814, 581, 3345, 734. Start making this strawberry using colors 353 and 352.    Continue with color 350.  ... then with the...

Cupcake part 3

Cupcake  The whipped cream  Here are the explanations necessary for the realization of the whipped cream. To embroider this part of the cupcake, I used the stranded DMC threads B5200, 3685, 961, 962, 963 as proposed in the introductory article. The photos below...

Cupcake part 2

Cupcake  The paper mold   Here are the explanations necessary to make the paper mold The detailed list of threads used for this project can be found in the previous article.   Mark the edges of the mold with split backstitch and color 400 on the right, color...