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The paper mold


Here are the explanations necessary to make the paper mold

The detailed list of threads used for this project can be found in the previous article.


Mark the edges of the mold with split backstitch and color 400 on the right, color 3827 on the left, and for the 2 outermost left edges, color 168.

Following the indications on the design, embroider the upper part of the mold with thread B5200.


To animate the white upper part of the mold add a few stitches with color 762. Following the photo, fill certain parts of the folds of the mold as well as its base with color 712.

Finish the upper part of the mold by marking shadows with the 2 gray threads 168 and 414. Finally, add a touch of light with the color 225 at the top of each fold.

In the lower part of the mold, fill in the spaces that are still free with color 3827 on the right and color 3856 on the left.

Embroider shadows in the lower part of the mold (along the edges) with colors 356 and 3776. Underline the bottom of the with split backstitch using from right to left, colors 414, 356, 225, and 762. Mark well the upper edge of the mold with single 2-thread backstitches and the colors 356, 355, 3776, and 414.