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Butterfly brooch

Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider this brooch.

This work is simple to carry out because this butterfly is made up of only one part to facilitate the finishing.


You will find the pattern of this butterfly to download HERE.



I chose to offer you the embroidery of this brooch in 2 different versions


List of colors used for the blue version (that of the explanations)

B5200, 3799, 762, 972, 744, 3776, 3863, 924, 3765, 807 and 3766

List of colors used for the green version

310, 842, 815, 817, 351, 3341, 967, 500, 501, 502 and 503





Embroider 3 rows of split back stitch with 1 thread. Continue with satin stitch and then with straight stitch at regular intervals, all with 1 thread.


Embroider the outside of the white dots with several rows of split back stitches and 2 threads.

Pad the inside horizontally with 2 threads and cover it with satin stitch 1 thread.

Embroider the light yellow part with satin stitch 1 thread and add a few stitches with the darker yellow. Also, add a few darker blue stitches inside the dots.

Separate the 2 wings with a row of split back stitches 2 threads, then mark the veins also with split back stitches, but with a single thread. Fill the surface of the wing with long and short stitch 1 thread and using the colors from the darkest to lightest. Finish by emphasizing the outside of the dots with a split backstitch 1 thread. In the same way, embroider a transition line between the gray and yellow parts at the bottom of the wing.


Proceed in the same way to make the upper wing by first embroidering all the parts of different colors.

Embroider the veins and outline the dot with split backstitch 1 thread.

Finish by filling the surface of the wing as before.

Pad the upper part of the abdomen horizontally with 2 threads, then cover it with satin stitch 1 thread. Pad the lower part of the abdomen vertically with 2 threads and cover it with striped satin stitch 1 thread, alternating colors. Optionally add a few stitches as an embellishment. Finish with a few straight stitches and satin stitch for the head.

The finishing is carried out in the simplest possible way. The stores are currently inaccessible, so I used what I had on hand.

After ironing the butterfly, I stiffened it by fixing it on a piece of thermo-adhesive vlieseline (quality S520, which we have already used previously, for example for the assembly of the Mexican needle case). I then cut the butterfly as close as possible to its shape, taking care not to cut into the embroidery. For the antennas, I used a full strand of cotton which I stiffened by coating it with textile glue (HT2 from Gütermann). I then cut it to obtain 2 small antennas which I stuck behind the head of the butterfly. I glued a light felt on the back of the butterfly and cut it out following the shape of the pattern. To hang the brooch I also glued a pin that I found in my stash and voilà, it is done!