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Here’s how to embroider a stylized camellia

The design of this camellia can be downloaded HERE

The 5 small triangles are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread.

The petals are embroidered in long and short stitch with 1 thread.

Remember to make a split back stitch with 1 thread around each petal before beginning the long and short stitch.

Add straight stitches 1 thread and fan-shaped to the base of each petal.


The center is embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread on a 3 threads padding and surrounded by a 2 threads back stitch.


These 5 small petals are embroidered in blanket stitch with 2 threads.


These petals are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread on a 2 threads padding.


The outline of the flower is embroidered in Palestrina stitch with 3 threads.


To embroider this flower I used the following threads

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton Salvia 68

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton Fairies 17

  • DMC stranded cotton 3865

  • DMC stranded cotton 154

  • DMC stranded cotton 3803

  • DMC stranded cotton 524




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