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Here is a little work which I hope will let you dream.

To embroider it, I used the following colors

House of Embroidery stranded cotton  87 Verdon and Perle cotton n°8 93 Tulip.

Stranded cotton DMC  924, 3847, 993, 778, 316, 3835, 3803 and 154.



You can download the pattern of this design HERE

The original size of this embroidery is 14/6 cm.

Embroider the wheel with stem stitch and 1 thread.

The leaves are made with lazy daisy stitch and 2 threads. The flower is embroidered with satin stitch on 2-thread padding. The heart is made up of French knots 2 turns.

The upper part of the dreamcatcher is finished.

The center motif is embroidered with satin stitch 1 thread on a 2 threads padding. The upper and lower parts are also made with satin stitch and then decorated with French knots and Perle cotton n°8, 2 or 1 wraps.

The central part of the feather is made with 2 rows of stem stitch 2 threads and then decorated with 2 bullion stitches 2 threads and a few straight stitches 1 thread. The outline of the feather is embroidered with stem stitch 1 thread and. Add small straight stitches 1 thread inside the surface.