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A very tiny Christmas Tree


To end the year well, here is a charming little project that only requires a few hours of work.




To make this embroidery, I used:

  • DMC stranded cotton in the colors 904, 734, 3685, 817 and 666

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton in colors 69A Woodlands and 13A Autumn

  • metallic thread Au Ver à Soie n°4 in colors 045 et 2540

  • various small golden and red beads

You will find the pattern of this tree to download HERE.

The fir branches are embroidered in fly stitch with metallic thread.

Embroider the stems of the central branch with stem stitch and the leaves with fishbone stitch, all with 1 thread.

Embroider the remaining branches with 1 thread stem stitch and lazy daisy stitch 2 threads.

Fill the oval, flat leaves with satin stitch 1 thread.

The spray of flowers on the left is made with satin stitch 1 thread. Three ribbed spider webs made with 2 threads represent the balls at the foot of the tree. Use different red threads and French knots of different sizes (2 threads or even 3 but always 2 wraps) to distribute colored berries over the tree. Finish by embellishing it with various beads according to your inspiration.

Work in the same way for the upper part of the tree.

Here is the tree finished and ready to bring joy to the one who will receive it.

Merry Christmas!