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A tricolor arabesque



Here are the explanations necessary for the realization of this small project. Personally, I intend to use it to decorate a new octagonal needlecase. You will find the assembly explanations under the reference: “my beloved needlecase” among the 2017 projects.

The pattern can be downloaded HERE

The design alone measures 8 cm in diameter and is entirely embroidered in DMC stranded cotton.

Here is the color list

  • for green 924

  • pour red 816

  • for beige 3033, 613 and 841

All the stitches used for this project are explained in the “Stitches” section of this blog.



Large surfaces in the center are made with a woven stitch. Start by straightening the chain with 3 strands of cotton.

Then form the warp (the horizontal rows), also with 3 strands, by making 2 passes with each color and alternating “above – below” with the change of color.

Surround the pattern with split backstitch and 1 thread.

Generously pad the entire surface with 2 threads.

Begin laying the satin stitch with 1 thread at the location indicated by the arrow. Work towards the bottom of the pattern.

Resume the work in the other direction by separating it into 3 branches and ending at the tips of the pattern.

Embroider the small triangles between the branches with straight stitched and 1 thread.

Embroider the petals of the flower with split backstitch 2 threads, the ribs with stem stitch 1 thread and the center with satin stitch 1 thread.

Here are 2 of the 6 fully completed patterns.