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A bird for Christmas part 2 

The body

The template of this design is available for download HERE

The embroidery is entirely made with a discovery pack and a bobbin of metallic braided thread, all coming from Au Ver à Soie.

If you wish to realize this embroidery using the original threads, they are on sale in 4 different color combinations in our online shop.



First, embroider a split back stitch stitched with  DMC thread stranded cotton 1 thread.

Padd horizontally with DMC stranded cotton 2 threads.

Embroider the feathers with satin stitch 1 thread and the Perle silk.

Surround each feather with chain stitch and the metallic n°4 thread.

Embroider the stems of the outer feathers with fly stitch and 1 thread of Perle silk. Add small straight stitches with the metallic thread n°4 on each side of the center line.

Embroider the central stem with wheatear stitch and the metallic thread n°8. Then make a back stitch in the loops in the center with the metallic thread n°4.

The eye is embroidered with satin stitch and the Superfine silk 2 strands. As usual, I first made a back stitch with DMC stranded cotton 1 thread. Then I have padded the surface with DMC stranded cotton 2 threads, before embroidering with satin stitch. For a nice finish, the eye is lined with a back stitch made with the metallic thread n°4.

The collar is embroidered with interlaced chain stitch. I used the metallic thread n°8 for the chain and the Perle silk with 2 threads for the interlaced part.


The beak is embroidered with ribbed spider web stitch and Superfine silk 3 threads. Start working on 5 threads and when the threads get too close, continue working on 3 threads.

Finish by embroidering Palestrina stitch with Soie d’Alger and 3 threads all around the bodies.

I made the photo before having embroidered a stem stitch also in Soie d’Alger and 3 threads on the line marking the location of the wing. I am sorry for not being able to show it to you.