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Violets, forget-me-not and butterflies are the three elements that are part of the finishes

The leaves are embroidered in spaced blanket stitch with 2 threads. All stitches start at the base of the stem.

For the stems simply embroider a straight stitch with 2 threads.

The flower consists of 5 lazy daisy stitches embroidered with 2 threads star shaped from the center and add a French knot 2 threads 1 wrap for the heart.

The forget-me- not are embroidered with 5 French knots 2 threads 2 wraps  star shaped and then add an additional knot for the center.


The wings are embroidered with double lazy stitch  2 threads.

The body is made  of a tiny bullion stitch 2 threads, add a French knot 2 threads 1 wrap for the head and 2 straight stitches 1 thread for the antennas.

The stems and leaves of the violets are embroidered with DMC cotton floss 502 and the flowers with DMC cotton floss 4220.

The forget-me-not are embroidered with DMC cotton floss 4230 and 900.

We leave the choice of the butterflies color choice to your own fantasy.  



The blue garden is now complete